Bronze Warm Up-Locomotions

Click on any of the following titles to jump to that section of the page. Otherwise, you may scroll down at your leisure with videos in the following order:

1. Rhythmic Walking
2. Bear to Crab Walk
3. Rhythmic Running
4. Walking in Releve
5. Forward Chasse Switching Legs
6. Hop Scotch Hops
7. Penguin Walk
8. Grapevine
9. Forward Chasse Same Leg
10. High Knees Marching
11. 2 Foot Hopping
12. Bear Walk
13. Crab Walk
14. Skipping
15. Sideways Chasse Same Leg
16. Skiing Hops
17. Tic Toc Hops
18. 1 Foot Hopping
19. Frog Hops
20. Follow the Leader
21. Holding Hands in Walking

Rhythmic Walking


Bear to Crab Walk


Rhythmic Running

Walking in Releve

Forward Chasse Switching Legs

Hop Scotch Hops

Penguin Walks


Forward Chasse Same Leg

High Knees Marching

2 Foot Hopping

Bear Walk

Crab Walk


Sideways Chasse Same Leg

Skiing Hops

Tic Toc Hops

1 Foot Hops

Frog Hops

Follow the Leader

Holding Hands in Walking