What is Sask Rhythm?

Sask Rhythm: The Rhythmic Gymnastics Levels Program has been developed and funded by Gymnastics Saskatchewan and is currently in its pilot stage of development. Special thanks to Julie Levasseur, Victoria Stinson, and Megan Bialowas for working together to create the program content for this resource. 


Rhythmic Gymnastics (RG) is a unique and incredibly complex sport combining dance, hand held apparatus manipulation and of course, gymnastics! RG is 1 of 7 gymnastics disciplines formally recognized by the International Gymnastics Federation and has been an Olympic sport since 1984.

Gymnastics Canada developed the Gymnastics Foundations (GF) coaching curriculum (formerly known as NCCP Level 1) in an effort to improve coaching education and program delivery for all disciplines at the Recreational/Community Sport level.

GF certified coaches must ensure that all skills are taught and mastered in strategic progression, while promoting fun, safe and successful participation in gymnastics.

The Sask Rhythm program has been created to help organize fundamental skills into systemic progressions while giving gymnasts a pathway for meaningful participation in the sport throughout the lifespan.

Similar to the CAN Gym program, SASK Rhythm is based on the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model as well as current inter-disciplinary resources such as the RG Code of Points, physical education curriculum and peer-reviewed guidelines for healthy participation in dance.

The LTAD model outlines the developmental needs and abilities of participants as they progress through their gymnastics careers.  The SASK Rhythm program focuses on participants in the following stages:

  • Fun, Fitness and FMPs (~6-9 years old)
  • Building the Skills of Gymnastics (~7-10 years old)
  • Specialization in a Gymnastics Discipline (~9-12 years old)
  • Gymnastics for Life (any age J).

NOTE – The SASK Rhythm program does not address the needs of those in the Active Start stage and further programming must be developed for this demographic.  Future specialized programming can also be developed for the growing population of Men’s RG/MartialGym.  That being said, the SASK Rhythm program hopes to prepare (and assist coaches in identifying) gymnasts for Pre-Competitive and Competitive programming (Specialization stage of LTAD)

The SASK Rhythm program is comprised of 10 levels divided into 4 categories, which will progress participants through developmentally appropriate movement patterns and personal development assignments within the context of Rhythmic Gymnastics:

  • Bronze: Levels 1-3 (gymnasts ~6-9 years old)
    • Gymnasts are preparing for participation at Club Shows/Galas and Provincial Gymnaestrada
  • Silver: Levels 4-6 (gymnasts ~10-13 years old)
    • Gymnasts are preparing for participation at National Gymnaestrada and/or Rhythm Cat (Pre-Competitive)
  • Gold: Levels 7-9 (gymnasts ~14 years and older)
    • Gymnasts are preparing for participation at World Gymnaestrada and/or Provincial Competition
  • Platinum: Level 10 (gymnasts ~14 years and older)
    • Gymnasts demonstrate mastery and bilaterality (symmetry between right and left sides) within the context of Community Sport